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Civil and Structural Engineering - Rhine-Ruhr Office

The civil and structural department provides and supervises all civil and structural planning services, both in the field of industry, trade and plant construction as well as general civil engineering and building construction – for public and private customers. The constructional work involves a large number of technical disciplines, in particular structural engineering as well as solid constructions, but also development and infrastructural planning within the entire project.

The competences of our civil and structural department include:

  • Consulting in structural engineering / assistance and planning of plant engineering projects
  • Object and structural planning in building construction, civil engineering and industrial construction
  • Planning based on intelligent building models using hte Building Information Modeling (BIM) method
  • General civil and structural consulting of builders under consideration of German Building Regulations Law / Construction Planning Law as well as German official scale of fees for services by architects and engineers (HOAI).

In case of new construction projects as well as in projects related to existing structures, technical and economic issues are considered in a holistic way at a very early stage in order to be able to reduce construction costs and ensure the success of the project. Special focus is put on the early detection of technical risks and the constructional feasibility of the project.

Numerous reference from more than 25 years deliver proof of the capability of our engineers.


  • Qualified structural engineers according to BauO NRW (Building Code of North Rhine-Westphalia)
  • Engineers authorized to submit building documents according to BauO NRW (Building Code of North Rhine-Westphalia)


  • Member of Ingenieurkammer Bau NRW (Chamber of civil engineers of North Rhine-Westphalia)



EDL's civil and structural department is able to convert the whole range of civil and structural services:

The consideration of technical and economic aspects at the early design stage of our construction projects is decisive for minimizing the subsequent construction costs. This is the only way to achieve the main goal: cost and schedule optimization within the framework of the entire project, including the individual component., This approach contributes to saving builder's money.

The early contact to authorities and the experience of our engineers in the implementation of legal requirements saves time in the often extensive approval procedures and accelerates the completion of the project.

Static-Constructive Work

Static calculations are prepared with the help of the latest modern specialist software and using three-dimensional calculation methods. Thus, supporting structures are optimized from the technical and economic point of view. At the same time, a wide range of requirements, such as those occurring in industrial construction, building construction or in architecturally demanding projects, can be taken into account.

Construction plans for concrete and steel work are also prepared using 3-D planning, depending on the requirements and complexity of the project.

Detail Planning

In addition to detailed object and structural plans, we work out complex renovation, reinforcement and upgrading measures. Our highly qualified employees always keep an eye on the requirements for architectural design, construction physics and fire protection as well as other technical rules.

Tendering and Contract Award

Bills of quantities are prepared using specific tendering software. We have modified the standard service specifications to include specific service items. This means that specifications can be tailored to each project in an optimal way. A detailed evaluation of the offer ensures contract award to the best bidder.

Qualified Structural Planning

A resolution of the State Assembly of North Rhine-Westphalia of July 12, 2018 provides for stability calculations of structures to be issued only by a qualified structural engineer according to BauO NRW 2018 (Building Code of North Rhine-Westphalia 2018).

Our structural department fulfils its obligations in terms of quality assurance and can deliver proof that our structural engineers are ‚qualified structural engineers‘ according to BauO NRW (Building Code of North Rhine-Westphalia).