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Pörner / EDL offer an extensive evaluation program for
test and analytical data for the thermodynamic and
hydraulic design of the extraction tower for the solvent
deasphalting process and for the assessment of the DAO
and pitch products for further treatment in downstream

  • Process simulation of tests (1 theoretical tray) to determine the BIP (Binary Interaction Parameter) between the solvent and the pseudo-components 
  • Constructing triangular diagrams using the binodal curve and the conodes to the feedstock  
  • Simulation of different temperatures, pressures and solvent conditions to optimize the extraction process. 
  • Thermodynamic calculation of the complete extraction tower including the axial dispersion in the phases 
  • Hydraulic design and dimensioning of the extraction tower for special internals 
  • Forecasting of the required material data and properties of the products to be processed further in downstream facilities. 
  • Design and development of a residue processing system consisting of an SDA and a Biturox® bitumen plant to process heavy residues in their entirety. 


Based on deasphalting tests a comprehensive and specifically aligned analysis program is offered:

  • SARA analyses (Saturates, Aromatics, Resins, Asphaltenes) for heavy residues, the DAO and pitch phase
  • SIMDIST (Simulated Distillation up to 750°C) for heavy residues, the DAO and pitch phase
  • Determination of densities, metal content (V, Ni, Fe), CCR (Conradson Carbon Residue), sulfur and nitrogen content, viscosities, refractive index for feedstock and final products, for example 
  • Assessment of the bitumen capability of the asphaltenic phase by specific chemical analyses at the Pörner lab in Schwechat: 
    • softening point
    • penetration
    • density
    • asphaltene content (nC7 insoluable)
    • viscosities (150, 180 and 210°C)
    • flash point (COC)
    • paraffin content (EN 12606-1)
    • sulfur content
    • product stability