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Quality Assurance

It is our declared goal to plan and build industrial plants that are reliable, safe and environmentally compatible. To this end we pursue a strict quality and safety policy.

HSSE Policy (HSSE Management)

Compliance with occupational safety, security, health and environmental protection requirements is an integral part of EDL’s business activities and is fully integrated by our HSSE Management Manual in our daily work. It stipulates that all relevant guidelines on workplace safety, health protection of each individual and environmental protection shall be considered and implemented. Applicable laws and regulations are implemented consistently in all phases of project execution. To this end, our employees receive regular training on relevant topics of occupational safety, health and environmental protection.

The following principles are binding for us:

  • The HSSE guidelines are integrated into all activities and are subject to continuous improvement, if required.
  • We meet our quality and safety standards since our staff is high-qualified and efficiently working. We see our staff members as the most important asset of our company.
  • We protect the lives and health of the employees of our customers, our own company, suppliers as well as contractors and the general public.
  • We avoid damage to customer property, materials and equipment.
  • We protect and promote the health of our employees through a variety of preventive measures.
  • Compliance with regulations concerning industrial safety, health and environmental protection relevant to our company is one of the prerequisites  for a responsible attitude towards each other. Everyone is responsible for his own safety and also for the safety of any other employee.
  • Safety issues of our staff are continuously reviewed in compliance with applicable legal requirements. In addition, we ensure to prevent identifiable hazards in good time and to take the necessary preventive actions.
  • We guarantee that the plants engineered by us meet international standards in terms of plant safety, occupational safety, health and environmental regulations.
  • We are aware of our responsibility for environmental and climate protection and design processes so that energy and resources are saved and environmental impacts are minimized.

We expect each of our employees and especially our managers to responsibly act in accordance with our corporate policy and thus create the conditions for a high-quality, safe and environmentally friendly work performance to meet the needs and expectations of our customers to their full satisfaction.


An integrated system of quality assurance in all stages of project planning and execution add to our success and customer satisfaction.

License Russia

For several years EDL has been certified in Russia and is thus authorized to provide engineering and construction services for the Russian industrie in accordance with Russian standards.