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Press release

Russia and Austria - Partnership for Climate Protection

Pörner presented its technical solutions for alternative energies and sustainable products at the round table of the Austrian Embassy and the Foreign Trade Center in Moscow. Pörner’s technology for wood waste recycling to produce "green" synthesis gas attracted attention. Russian and Austrian companies want to strengthen their collaboration in the field of climate and environment.

Russia is stepping up its efforts in favor of climate change. The Austrian Embassy and the Foreign Trade Center invited to a round table discussion with Russian and Austrian companies in Moscow. © ANGELIKA WOHLMUTH

The Austrian Embassy and the Foreign Trade Center in Moscow invited representatives of Austrian and Russian companies to a discussion on October 29th, 2021 to define specific activities to improve climate protection and Russia's future contribution to global climate protection. Albert Traxler, Managing Director of Pörner Moscow, represented the Pörner Group at the round table discussion.

In particular, attention was paid to topics such as energy and industry, forestry and waste management, because exactly these sectors have a great potential for climate protection in Russia. The Russian side identified priorities from its point of view and its need for technological solutions.

Austrian and Russian companies defined the following as core areas for effective climate protection and other joint activities :

  • Use of environmentally friendly, low-emission technology for transport, industry and mining
  • Circular economy to optimize all processes in the production cycle in a resource-conserving manner without waste, exhaust gas and wastewater
  • Expansion of alternative energy and increased focus on energy efficiency


“With state-of-the-art planning and modernization, a significant reduction in environmental pollution from the coal industry can be achieved quickly. The same applies to waste management, where the modernization of existing and the construction of new waste incineration plants using the latest technology are quick ways to protect the climate", adds Albert Traxler.

Among other things, Pörner sees the promotion of SME projects as crucial for reducing emissions.


Pörner’s contribution to a climate-neutral future

In the field of energy, industry and forestry, Pörner, as a competent full-service engineering company, supports the industry in significantly improving its CO2 balance and in realizing the switch to renewable energy sources through sustainable Power-to-X and biomass-to-X solutions. A biomass-to-X solution is the utilization of wood waste for the production of synthesis gas. A pilot plant in Delfzijl / Netherlands, engineered by Pörner, processes damaged timber, fallen dead wood, wind-blown timber, wood waste, and old timber by torrefaction and gasification into high-quality "green synthesis gas", which can be further processed into bio-methane or hydrogen. In addition, Pörner has developed an overall process based on TRL (Technology Readiness Level) 9 technologies. Using this process, the commercial production of PtL kerosene (systematic air cleaning around airports) from CO2, water and renewable electricity is already possible.

Pörner is planning to realize energy-efficient and resource-saving projects like these and similar ones worldwide in the near future - also on the Russian market.



Lydia Brandtner

Head of Marketing Pörner Group

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