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Press release

PCK shutdown on YouTube

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Be live at FCC plant and crude oil distillation unit 1 revamp

In 2016 the shutdown named “kleiner 16” took place at the PCK refinery where EDL from Leipzig was actively involved. But the name “kleiner” (small) is misleading with respect to what was realized by PCK in cooperation with EDL. The “moving pictures” will convince you:

  • 19 refinery units were to be tested
  • 2,500 specialists were on site
  • 700 t of equipment were dismantled
  • 1,000 t of equipment were installed
  • 2,300 of concrete and
  • 500 t of structural steelwork were used.

No room for new dimensions? But finally it did work!

During the shutdown the engineers of the Pörner subsidiary EDL were responsible both for the modernization of the FCC plant and the crude oil distillation unit 1. Two videos about the revamp were put on our Pörner channel on YouTube:

  1. Revamp of the FCC plant (German)
  2. Revamp of the Crude Oil Distillation unit 1 (German)

Both videos show what revamp at the highest technical level means. Convince yourself of:

  • how room for “new dimensions” was provided even in confined spaces,
  • how heavy-duty transports rolled across Germany and arrived on the scheduled day,
  • how the new column was placed to its new position with millimeter accuracy, and
  • how unexpected hurdles were taken.

This is anything but an everyday event for EDL’s specialists – the more joy and pride dominated at the customer’s and engineering partner’s side when the revamp was successfully completed.

We would like to express our thanks to PCK for shooting the film during the shutdown in 2016 and for the courtesy of providing us parts of it.

We look forward to the next revamp in Schwedt – or on your industrial site?


Lydia Brandtner

Head of Marketing Pörner Group

Tel.: +43 5 05899-718