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Press release

Ideal infrastructure conditions: Representatives from Saxony politics and business visit future construction site of the HyKero plant

World’s first commercial plant for the production of electricity-based sustainable aviation fuel (PtL-SAF) to be built at Böhlen-Lippendorf industrial park

(f.l.t.r.) Dr. J. Buse (Adeptus Green Management GmbH/Consultant at EDL), Dr. R. Schwarz (EDL), G. Ahmelmann (Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG), Dr. M. Haid (EDL), J. Rabe (Johnson Matthey), N. Buchholz (NetZeroLEJ), H. Hempel (Saxon State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labor and Transport), Dr. P. Lucas (Saxon State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labor and Transport) in front of EDL’s HyKero plant model

On Oct. 11, Leipzig-based EDL Anlagenbau Gesellschaft mbH (EDL) invited representatives of Saxony’s politics and business to visit the future construction site of the HyKero plant which will allow the commercial production of electricity-based sustainable aviation fuel (PtL-SAF) worldwide for the first time. The HyKero plant designed by EDL is to be built in the Böhlen-Lippendorf industrial park, south of Leipzig, and will annually produce 50,000 metric tons of PtL-SAF, 14,000 metric tons of PtL-naphtha as a chemical feedstock, and green hydrogen for industry and transportation in the region as of 2027.

In the on-site meeting EDL informed on the current planning status of the HyKero project, introduced the future plant site to the participants and provided information on the next steps.

Ideal infrastructure conditions

There are various reasons in favor of the Böhlen-Lippendorf site: the site has passed the planning permission hearings and is suitable and approved for the production of liquid hydrocarbons. Other important site factors are the proximity to Dow, with which a wide range of synergies can be exploited, as well as the existing electrical power line, the existing railway siding and the Leipzig-Halle Airport, which is only 30 kilometers away and can be supplied with PtL-SAF. In addition, DHL Group with its Global Hub Leipzig might be another possible customer. Moreover, a pipeline is directly adjacent to the site. This pipeline is part of pipelines announced to be integrated in the core hydrogen network.

Advantages of EDL’s HyKero technology

The HyKero technology is a pioneering solution for CO2-emission-free production of PtL-SAF since process gases and resulting by-products are fully utilized within the plant. The use of PtL-SAF reduces nitrogen emissions by about 12 to 15 percent, particulate emissions by 95 percent and fuel consumption by 2 to 15 percent. Furthermore, the PtL-SAF meets international standards (ASTM D756 A1) and can be used on existing aircraft fleet, thus eliminating the need to modify existing logistics and refueling infrastructure or aircraft. The PtL-SAF reduces CO2 emissions by over 80 percent compared to fossil-based Jet A1, enabling airlines and environmentally conscious travelers who seek more sustainable options to improve their carbon footprint. By implementing the HyKero plant, PtL-SAF will be produced on an industrial scale in Germany for the first time.

The project within LHyVE

The HyKero project also plays an important role in the joint LHyVE project. It was initiated by the Leipzig-based companies EDL, L-Group, Ontras and VNG. Its aim is to establish an intelligent and regionally linked green hydrogen system as a lighthouse project for efficient sector coupling and to integrate it into the emerging European hydrogen infrastructure. With LHyVE, the entire value chain from production, storage, transportation, and distribution to final consumption will be realized in the Leipzig region and linked via the infrastructure with European projects, cities, and municipalities. The possible storage of hydrogen in a salt cavern will also foster flexibility.

The HyKero project is one of the flagship projects being developed in Germany, particularly for the aviation sector and is an important first milestone in the defossilization of air traffic. It opens new opportunities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to achieving global climate goals. With innovative technologies and a high level of commitment, the project partners are joining forces to shape the mobility of the future and build a more sustainable aviation sector.



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