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Press release

LPG column for PCK swings into place

EDL plans new giant in the middle of the FCC area

[Translate to Englisch:]

[Translate to Englisch:] Die Errichtung der Flüssiggaskolonne unter engen Platzverhältnissen

On the 6th November 2009 the new LPG column was installed in the FCC area on the grounds of the PCK Refinery in Schwedt.

The planning and on-site supervision of the installation of the 42 metre high and ca. 170 ton heavy apparatus was the responsibility of EDL. The preparation was particularly laborious, as a large number of supply pipes and cables passed underneath the limited erection space available and had to be protected from the enormous pressure exerted by the crane required to position the new column. The new column being an essential replacement of the existing Column 1K333 will be integrated into the FCC system during the TÜV shutdown “Start 2010” in April and May next year.

The project is added to a long list of projects realized within a 10 years’ cooperation. Within the FCC complex EDL was also responsible for the erection of a new C3 splitter process stage to produce propylene in polymer-grade quality. In spring 2007 the new C3 splitter was handed over by EDL to PCK in time and on budget.

The participants declare themselves also pleased with the development of this project.


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