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Flying „green“ with PtL kerosene from Saxony soon becomes reality

Worldwide first industrial plant by EDL for production of PtL kerosene

LVZ on 2022/03/22

Kronen-Zeitung on 2022/03/30

EDL Anlagenbau Gesellschaft from Leipzig intensively works on the implementation of a technical solution for decarbonizing the aviation industry. The world's first plant for the production of green kerosene on industrial scale is to be built in the industrial park Böhlen-Lippendorf. The HyKero plant is to produce 50,000 t PtL kerosene per year from 2026.

The project, that brings an investment of about EUR 700m to the region, is huge in its dimensions and offers positive effects not only for aviation. The region is facing a significant structural change due to the coal phase-out. The project will offer 100 new jobs and secure existing ones, thus making an important contribution to the transformation of the coal region “Mitteldeutsches Revier”.

Flying with conventional kerosene has a major impact on our climate. Air traffic is responsible for more than five percent of global warming. The aviation sector must act now and replace fossil fuels with alternative fuels made from renewable electricity. In this regard, the legislator has also introduced specific quotas. The proportion of e-kerosene (power-based kerosene) should be 0.5 percent of the total fuel consumption as from 2026.

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