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Press release

New kerosene tank farm at Airport Linz

Pörner Vienna hands over greenfield fuel depot to OMV

Unloading station and 2 x 100,000 liter kerosene tanks outside the high security area at the airport ramp

Overview tank farm towards airport ramp

Following a Europe-wide tender to supply fuel to all airlines at the airport, OMV Downstream GmbH was awarded the contract for exclusive refueling services at Linz Airport in November 2021. The realization and operation of a new tank farm for the aviation fuel Jet A-1 and AvGasis included. OMV Downstream GmbH commissioned the Pörner Group with the project development, EPCm engineering and project execution.

The new construction became necessary in the course of the four-track expansion of the Westbahn line, which brings the rail line up to Linz Airport. Due to the routing, the existing tank farm had to be dismantled and replaced by a new tank farm.

OMV can look back on 50 years of experience and currently attends to 16 airports in Central and Eastern Europe. The customer spectrum ranges from large to smaller airports. We are pleased to strengthen Linz as a business location,” says Axel Römmer, Head of Aviation at OMV.

Starting in November 2021, the Pörner team worked together with OMV on the construction of the tank farm, which, in addition to the actual tank farm outside the airport ramp, also includes an underground pipeline into the airport security area to the new “Airside” refueling facilities located there. Pörner’s services included conceptional design, cost estimation, authority engineering, detail engineering as well as site management and commissioning support.

The Pörner project team, together with all project participants, realized the project qualitatively and technically advanced within schedule,” adds Pörner project manager Thomas Herzog. 

The project was completed at the end of June 2023. The tank farm is now available for the temporary storage and refueling of aircraft with Jet A-1 fuel. It guarantees OMV and Linz Airport maximum security of supply and maximum flexibility.


Lydia Brandtner

Head of Marketing Pörner Group

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