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Press release

EDL in Cologne: Construction planning for Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) at Cologne Main Station

Plant engineering competence for customers in the Rhine-Ruhr region

The planned addition of another storey of a building at the rail hub in Cologne

EDL has its office in this building in Cologne-Marsdorf

The EDL team at the Rhein-Ruhr location was commissioned with planning services for a prestige project of Deutsche Bahn Netz AG (DB).

DB is digitizing the Cologne railway hub and in this context EDL is planning to add another storey to a building at Hansaring as well as to convert and construct gantries for optical signalling systems in and around the main station, at Hansaring and on Hohenzollern Bridge - in the heart of the cathedral city Cologne.

A special feature of this project: The individual components are prefabricated in modular design, which requires precise planning of the assembly sequences and structured execution. Another challenge: For all assemblies, the specific train service interruptions for individual track sections to be scheduled years in advance have to be adhered to. The project is divided into several construction phases, which will be executed step by step and will extend well into 2022.

In terms of personnel, EDL‘s team in Cologne has meanwhile grown to almost 20 employees - large enough to be able to completely handle smaller plant engineering projects at this location. Due to the upcoming projects it is required to further increase the staff. Therefore, engineers and technicians are wanted for all disciplines as well as for project management. (EDL job openings)


Competent and interlinked - 18 months presence in the Rhine-Ruhr region

As a partner to refineries, the petrochemical and chemical industry as well as to other industrial sectors, EDL has been supporting its customers in the planning and construction of sophisticated process plants for 30 years. With the Rhine-Ruhr office in Cologne, EDL has also had a local presence for its customers in North Rhine-Westphalia, the Rhine-Main region and the Benelux countries since spring 2020. Thus, customers in these regions have EDL’s entire service portfolio on hand, as the Cologne office can deploy not only its own resources but also the know-how and extensive experience of specialists from all other locations of EDL and the Pörner Group to execute projects.

The cooperation across locations between Leipzig, Grimma, Burghausen, Vienna, Linz, Kundl, Bucharest and Moscow has already proven itself in many projects and now also involves the colleagues in Cologne.


The results of the first 18 months of work at the Rhine-Ruhr location are therefore positive in every respect.

And looking further ahead is also encouraging: In addition to traditional plant engineering, the Cologne team wants to play a key role in helping shape the green shift in the Rhine-Ruhr region based on EDL’s new fuel and energy concepts (e.g. PtX technology).



Lydia Brandtner

Head of Marketing Pörner Group

Tel.: +43 5 05899-718