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Lube Oil Blending

Special expertise and technology for engineering and delivery of complete lube oil blending plants respectively core equipment

  • ABB … Automatic Batch Blender
  • SMB … Simultaneous Metering Blender
  • ILB … Inline Blender
  • DMB … Dissolving Mixing Blender
  • DDU … Drum Decanting Unit
  • VI ... Viscosity Improver Unit
  • DO … Drum OvenView of an ABB
  • Manifolds
  • Pigging systems
  • Automation / DCS
  • Blow moulding machines
  • Filling systems
  • Warehouse
Skid delivery to your advantage

EDL delivers skid-mounted blending equipment:

  • All core equipment components come preassembled on steel frames and are tested and certified as a whole unit.
  • The advantages for our customers are as follows:
    • Easy handling and integration into existing plants
    • Substantial reduction of installation costs and time
    • Highest quality is ensured by module prefabrication in Germany